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Important Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween

Halloween can be a stressful time for your pets. The constant knocking, doorbell ringing, kid’s yelling “trick-or-treat” in frightening costumes… all of this can create some serious anxiety for your animals. And since we know you want to keep your pets safe and comfortable throughout the evening, we compiled a list of things to prepare for:

1. Candy is for Children, Not Pets

This should be an obvious one, but still a good reminder. Chocolate, of course, is a no-go for your pet, but too much sugar can also cause some serious issues for your furry friend. So please keep an eye on your candy and make sure it is in a location where your animals can’t get to it.

If you would like to read more on foods that are not safe for your pet, click here.

2. Keep Pets in a Safe Place

If your pet gets anxious with all the door knocking and doorbell ringing, make sure to keep them in a comfortable space away from the noise. Set them up in a room with a nice cozy bed or in their crate if they feel safe there and turn up some calming music or put on their favorite show to help drown out the sound. Check on them often to remind them everything is okay or even work in shifts with a family member so your pet feels comfortable throughout the whole evening.

3. Costume with Care

We get it! Costumes on animals are SO cute! However, if a costume restricts your pet’s eyesight, hearing, movement, or ability to breathe it would be best to skip the costume this year. If none of the above is an issue, still do a trial run with the costume on your pet to ensure they are comfortable. If they show any signs of discomfort or stress it’s still best to skip the costume, but if they don’t seem to be bothered by it, go for it! And take lots of pictures for us to enjoy 😉

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